A mini​- reading is ideal for those who have been plagued by one specific situation or have caught themselves overthinking something specific that they would like some clarity or guidance on. 

Since a mini reading is only 15 minutes, I will not be able to answer every question you may have. If you require more answers/ guidance after our session, you are more than welcome to book another mini-reading, but I would urge you to book a full session next time to get the maximum information.

15 Min  /   $30




Take a look at your options and read my FAQ page to decide which is right for you.

Full Reading

30 Min  /   $50

Full readings are available to everyone, but mainly people who have a few areas of their lives that they are looking for clarification on. You will be able to get far more information out of a full length reading, as there is more time to ask questions and receive answers.​

This can be most helpful if you feel you are at a crossroads or are in the midst of a lot of change or confusion. I want to help you get all of the answers you need.

Tree Removal

Custom Wood Burning

Starting at $25

Do you like my wood burning, but haven't seen exactly what you're looking for? Reach out with your ideas and we can make a beautiful custom piece happen for you! You can either reach out via email or click HERE to fill out my custom request form.


Gift Certificates

any amount

Get yourself or someone else a gift certificate. These can be used towards any of my services for you, or someone else. Send me a message with any questions!

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